Office Politics and the Work Environment

Topics: Psychology, Perception, Behavior Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Office Politics and the work Environment
Human communication and Relationships, while cultivating self-awareness, helps to deepen the political awareness. To better understand what messages others are receiving we should listen, reflect, and think carefully before acting. Americans have a personality type that tends to react inappropriately when things go wrong, though taxonomy and tactics we hope to approach failure with and open mind and influence behavior in a balanced an constructive way (Dattner, Ben, Hogan, Robert, Harvard Business Review, 2011 vol.89). Current study tested a model that links perceptions of organizational politics to job performance and “turnover intentions”. Meta-analytic evidence supported bivariate relationships between perceived office politics and organization citizenship behaviors toward individuals, resulted in a “unique hindrance stressor” that produced intentions to quit attitudes. (Chang academy of management Aug2009p779-801). This face of office politics in the work environment causes false perceptions of success and breeds a personality over principal “old boys clubs” successes value system.

It is argued that the lack of justice undermines trust and subsequently leads to political behavior. This organizational politics and how its relationship affects the antecedents of perception can posits that one who’s hard work is being over looked and can affect ones intention to quit due to not being recognize for their contributions(Othman,Rozhan2008vol.30). Theory and research suggest that career success is determined by political skills. The relationship mediated by employee reputation in the work place, furthermore it directly correlated to gaining hierarchical position, income and career satisfaction (Blicke, Gerhard, 2011, vol 41) these political relations can lead to cover up and protection that are Harmful to the economy success as Markets will correct itself though accounting and auditing processes.

The 2008 recession...
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