Office Politics

Topics: Nurse, Nursing, Florence Nightingale Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: March 18, 2011
Office Politics

To be familiar with office politics simply does not mean you have to work in an office. Anyone who has ever had a job, anywhere, knows how the dynamics among coworkers who are a part of the workplace Office politics seems to be a very big problem according to study done by account temps. According to account temps "Eighteen percent of an administrator's time — more than nine weeks out of every year — is spent resolving conflicts among employees" ("Surviving Office Politics." Talent Scout. April 16, 1998). The company I work for is Gentivia. At the office I work out of there is about 80 employees most of these employees are women. Our office is divided up into 3 different parts. One is the field staff for the nursing side that goes out and sees patients, the other is the office staff they deal with paperwork, billing and obtaining referrals for our office, the last group is made up of therapist that see patients in the field. We have one branch manager who oversees the entire office nursing and therapy sides. We have 3 nursing supervisors that deals with scheduling, referrals and the other one deals directly with the nursing staff. The therapy side has one supervisor that deals with scheduling, referrals and the therapist. It seems that every day someone is complaining about the branch manager and how she handles the nursing side. The nurses are constantly complaining about the lack of support from management, anyone who has a problem can go to one of the supervisors but it seems they cannot do anything without the branch manager overruling each of these supervisors’ decisions. She decides who and see what patients what area the nurses work, in our office we get paid by the number of patients who are seen daily. We have some nurses that are close to the branch manager who only goes to the facilities and are back in the office by lunchtime after leaving the office after 9 am. These are the ones who have their paper work marked for...
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