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Topics: Economics, Economy of Malaysia, Economy Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: April 6, 2013
What would be your contribution towards the success of this policy? We all have a role to play as citizens to achieve the goals that will make our vision 2020 a reality. First of all, a successful vision is the key economic policies that should be in place to accelerate our drive towards prosperity and a competitive economy so we can stimulate our country’s economy. Therefore, we can improve our economy by support our country local product such some product got a brand “Buatan Malaysia”. Besides that, we must be prepared to be self-critical, to be willing to make corrections, must be strong and dynamic, robust and self-reliant, competent and honest to enhance our cultural and value. As a result, our nation will be much more uniting than before and we can easily to solve the problem that our country faces and overcome the nine strategic challenges of vision 2020. In the other hand, we must promote the important of Vision 2020 to let more people and our next generation to understand. It is because we cannot let this vision be interrupting in the future and also we can achieve so much more the challenge by working together for example by creating a dedicated section on the VISION 2020 website where all key documents and information will be accessible in the future. The result will lead to minimize the loss of intellectual asset. Moreover, we can train to become talented person and reward them for their contribution to achieve the Vision 2020. Lastly, Privatization must not proceed if its objectives are defeated by those who think only of personal profit without social responsibility. The private sector too must engage the foreign investor in mutually beneficial partnership and joint ventures for this will help him to integrate more fully into the Malaysian economy and the responsibility of domestic investors must be greater than that of their foreign counter.
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