Office Hours

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Office Hours
This semester has been a little difficult for me; I have faced many challenges and still have more to come. Classes have been hard to adjust to but I have tried my hardest and put my best foot forward. The main two classes that I feel I am struggling in right now are English 1000 and Math 1090. I feel these are my hardest classes because English is a weak subject for me and coming into college English is a big step for me. I have a big problem with my writing and the way I word my papers therefore English is a weakness of mine. Math is another weakness of mine because when I learn new things and I don’t understand them I don’t usually tend to ask for help and in math you learn something new every day. I was very good at math when I was younger but as the years went on it became a weakness of mine.

I am going to talk to my English 1000 teacher about our new project that we have to do and see if he can give me any advice on things I can do to improve my paper. Also I am going to talk to him and ask him what kind of things I can do to improve myself as a writer. Then I will talk to my Math 1090 teacher and see what extra credit opportunities I have to improve my grade and bring in a previous test that I didn’t do so well on so she can tell me my mistakes and possibly help figure out my mistakes. Hopefully from my visits with my professors I will learn how to be a better student in that class and how to improve my grade and be a better student.

When I went to my Math 1090 professor office hours Isai Almeida I took my math binder and my previous test that I didn’t score so well on. I started off my introducing myself and letting her know I was in her Monday, Wednesday and Friday class at 10 am. I told her about my history with math and how I used to be good at math but as the years went on it became a struggle of mine. She then told me that I should consider going to the tutor lab on Monday-Thursday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm or Friday 9:00 am – 3:00...
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