Office Filing System

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What type of filing system is used in your company?
Discuss the different equipment and classification system used.

Definition of Filing

Filing is storing and retrieving information of correspondence and documents into a file. The filing system is designed to be simple and easy to use. In order to ensure this, the filing system incorporates two basic components, which is manual and electronic filing.

The electronic filing is an organized collection of data that is stored in the external memory of a computer, and can be accessed and manipulated as a single named unit. It is done by the computer technique where the data is passed in the form of electronic pulse into the computer or word processor for storage on magnetic tape or disk.

Developments in electronic data storage have revolutionized the speed of retrieval and allowed greater and easier access to vast qualities of records without the need to store paper in bulky filing cabinets. While recognizing the potential of these electronic filing methods, most offices continue to generate, receive and dispatch paper documents that need to be stored and controlled in cabinets, using the manual filing system.

Manual filing is commonly and widely used for keeping important documents such as finance related documents, signed legal documents etc of which hardcopies are needed to be kept permanently (or over a period of time). The documents are filed using folder or box. Hence, it can be retrieved easily. COMPANY FILING SYSTEM

My Company’s Filing System

In my company, we used both methods manual and electronic filing system to ensure all companies information can be retrieved at anytime when it purposely need.

The system allows for the same coding and categories for both forms of communication and records. Using the same name and codes for both systems may aid us storing and retrieving documents easily.

We had kept the manual file that include hard copy forms such as accounts statement, agreement, correspondence, items of reference, log and vouchers, policies and records, legal documents, and items dealing with personnel.

In the system outlined there is uniformity of the primary subjects and secondary subjects. Individual case folder may be added in any location. Therefore, uniformity in the filing system at my company enables all personnel, including field specialist and program assistant, to have quick easy access to all information in the total files. As a larger company, the field specialist had been placed to control the file section. Base on the routine, the field specialist monitored and update the files as they were very usual and familiar with the section.


Filing systems can be arranged in a variety of ways but several considerations must be taken into account in choosing a filing system. It must be:

quick and simple to operate
easy access, i.e. the cabinets must convenient situated, and the files within the cabinets easy to locate •suitable for the particular type of correspondence deal with; the size, volume and nature of the correspondence must be considered •capable of expansion, if required

appropriate in size, i.e. not using unnecessary space
used to hold current papers only
capable of safeguarding documents and in particular confidential information

Thus, for large organization like my company the filing systems are divided by two methods which is central and departmental filing. The central is in-charged by the field specialist in the filing section, while the departmental filing is in-charged by the department personnel.

It is showed that the two methods of filing system are well-grown practice in my company’s. Base on current and available project at my company’s, we gain a lot of departments that practice two method of filing system.

However, those project who had totally done, the department personnel will transfer the files to the...
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