Office Automation & Group Collaboration Software

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Office Animation & Group Collaboration Software

Office Automation & Group Collaboration Software

Office Animation & Group Collaboration Software
In my corporation, we use an application of instant messaging called Que. It can only be used by the employees. The advantages are that you can send someone an instant message and sometimes get an instant answer instead of sending an email or calling that person. We have counterparts in other states so it can be a cheaper way of communicating with them. The disadvantages are that it can get out of hand because it could be used for conversations unrelated to work and can be ongoing. Another disadvantage is that you can not always see what the person you sent an instant message to is doing and you might be waiting a long time for a response if that person is busy. In some instances, the person will acknowledge you by saying "just a minute" so you know that are not being ignored. We also have conference calls which is a form of voice conferencing in which multiple people can communicate through one call by calling into a conference bridge. The advantages are that they can be planned at a designated time and the conference bridge number is provided. When that designated time arrives, the participants use their telephone to dial the conference bridge number and everyone will be connected. It is an easy way for multiple participants to talk especially when they are located in different states. One of the disadvantages is that sometimes the conference bridge number is not provided ahead of time or it is the wrong number leading to delays. We also use a form of data conferencing called "netmeeting" in which an individual can share their desktops displaying a program with other users in multiple locations while the others use their screens to view the program. It is also used in conjunction with a conference call. This is useful when you need to teach individuals how to use a program and they can see it hands on. You...
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