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Office Administration

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Mastering the school-based assessment (Office – Administration) February 10, 2010 at 1:05 am (O.A Lessons)
The format of your examination will be as follows:
• Paper 1 – Multiple Choice
• Paper 2 – An essay paper divided into two sections (section I – four compulsory questions, covering modules I-VI and module XII. Section II – four questions from which students must attempt two. The questions will be drawn from modules VII-XI). • Paper 3 – School-Based Assessment (SBA) – research project • Paper 03/02 – this paper is done by private candidates. All students in a full-time programme must do the SBA as this forms a part of your final examination grades. Your research must be between 1,000 to 2,000 words, inclusive all supporting material. The final draft must be typed in double line spacing. Choosing your topic for School-Based Assessment

The project must be taken from one or more aspects of the 12 modules of the syllabus. Your teacher will assist with the selection of topics that are appropriate for research. Guidelines for the SBA

Title: Select a suitable topic for the project. The statement must be relevant to the syllabus. Aim: State the aims and objectives of the project. These should be relevant to your topic. Correspondence: There should be a copy of a letter that you send requesting permission to visit a business place, an institution, seeking to: 1. Interview (where you ask the interviewee questions and write down the answers) 2. Observe (where you observe an event or situation and make systematic notes) persons on the job 3. Questionnaires (where you distribute a questionnaire to be filled in by workers) Gathering Data

Method: Give a description of how, when and from whom you gathered information, and indicate the methods used to gather the information, eg. questionnaires, etc. Questions: List the exact wording of questions asked and to whom they were directed, again they must be relevant. Schedule: The schedule should be in a table...

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