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I am extremely grateful for all the assistance that has been given to me in order for this study to be completed. I would firstly like to thank my family for all the support that they have given throughout the duration of this study. I am also extremely grateful to the management and staff of the HENDERSON Book Stores Ltd. for allowing me to conduct this interview as well as to observe and use the equipments found within the office. Special thanks must be given to Mrs. Pauline Hewitt my, teacher who guided me each step of the way so patiently and effectively to the end of this study.

Western Educational Centre is one of the leading educational institutions in Montego Bay. It has been four (4) years since, the establishment of the Western Educational Centre. My name is Teado Tennant and I have been a student at the Western Educational Centre for the past year, which is located in Montego Bay on Hart Street. This project is required by C.X.C has part of the final examination. The business is known as an investigation of the Human Resources office, the recruitment process. This business is about the buying and selling of stationary, such as school bags, hard cover books, sharpeners, text books cartridge paper etc.

The steps of this thriving business were completed properly with all materials of the project presented such as a recommendation comparison of the business along with the description of the business. I have therefore decided to conduct an investigation into the daily activities of the Henderson’s book store. I hope that the information given in this project will help and educate all those who come in contact with this project that they will better understand the accounting aspect behind owning and operating their own business.

Title: An investigation of the Human Resources office, the recruitment


1. To find out about the recruitment process.
2. To find out how the organization interview new employees. 3. To learn about the function of the Human Resource Office. 4. To learn about the documents of the Human Resource Office of the



Two functions of the Human Resource Office are to:
Recruit new employees
Deals with staff welfare

Montego Bay # 2 P.O.,
St. James
Jamaica W.I.

28 November 2010

The Human Resource Department
c/o Henderson Book Stores Ltd.
2 Saint James St.
Montego Bay
St. James

Dear Sir/Madam

I am currently a student at the Western Educational Centre, and I am doing a research for my Office Administration School Based Assessment (S.B.A) on the topic" an investigation on your organization about the Human Resources Office on the recruitment process of new employees", with your permission. I am hereby seeking your permission to visit your office to observe workers in their environment and to later distribute questionnaires to persons in the department. I would also, your permission like to visit your organization and if possible I would like to get copies of documents that are used in the Human Resources Office. It is my sincere hope that you will accept my request which will allow me to further my studies. I can be contacted via by phone or by email at your convenience.

Your kind cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully

The researcher carried out an interview as well as a two (2) hour observation in order to gather the necessary information towards the completion of this project. An interview was carried out by the researcher with the administrative manager of the business and questionnaires were also distributed to the workers. The researcher chose to do an interview with the manager as well as to conduct another interview with the workers because he saw this as the best way of getting the relevant information...
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