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An investigation on the types of information and services provided by the Trafalgar Travel Agency in preparation for business travel in Port Antonio Portland.

Submitted By :George Malcolm

Presented To :Miss Lowe

Education :Titchfield High School


Center number: 100121

An investigation on the types of information’s and services provided by the Trafalgar travel agency in preparation of business travel in port Antonio Portland.

Submitted By:George Malcolm

Presented To:Miss Lowe

Education :Titchfield High School

Date: /01/10

Center Number:100121


Title page 1

Criteria 1

Table of Content 3
Introduction 4
Acknowledgement 5
Aims 6
Function 7
Letter 8

Criteria 2

Scheduling of Activities 9 Methodology 10
Questions 11
Regulation and company policies12

Criteria 3

Business Document 15-16
Use of Equipment 17


Bibliography 18
Questionnaire 19

This School Base Assessment (S.B.A) is based upon the information and services provided by the Trafalgar travel agency in Port Antonio Portland. It gives off a brief description of how the researcher gain information and some of the major challenges faced in the carrying out of the research. It also entails all the office equipments and the business documents that are used for performing various tasks. As you read through this project you’ll grasp a better idea and concept of what travel arrangement is about.

First and for most I would like to thank lord God who had granted on to me my strength and the sparing of my life to see that this S.B.A is completed. Secondly I will like to thank all my friends and family members that encourage me of going forward by finding the relevant information for this S.B.A. I also want to thank the Trafalgar travel agency for keeping me detailed of all there information and services offered. I also want to give a very special thanks to my subject teacher Miss Lowe for guiding and ensuring that am on the right path, which is leading towards major accomplishments.

The researcher’s aims are to find out:

- The services provided by the travel organization.

- To find out the necessary documents prepared by the travel agency.

- To find out why is it necessary to have all bookings confirm in writing.

- Providing the necessary information for traveling.

- Making reservations, issuing tickets recommend hotel accommodation.

Long road
Muirton Pen PA

8 June 2009

The Manager
2 Harbor Street
City center Plaza
Port Antonio

Dear Sir Madam

RE Permission to conduct School Base Assessment (S B A)

I am George Malcolm. I am a fifth form business student of the Titchfield high school. I am currently doing my Office Administration School Base Assessment, which entitles upon the investigation on the types of information and services carried out by your organization.

This research is essential and important as it holds a percentage of my CXC examination grade. I am here by seeking your permission for conducting my research in your organization.

I await your urgent response I may be contacted...
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