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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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This research engineers an examination on the types of documents and equipment used in the accounts office. It is completed in three parts: Criteria One – Preparation
Criteria Two – Gathering Data
Criteria Three – Presentation

This School based Assessment was done by a fifth form student of the Nehemiah Comprehensive School. It is based on a research which was done on the types of document and equipment used in Digicel (a cellular phone company).

Title of Project
Documents and equipments used in the accounts office of Digicel.

Aims of Project
* To research the various methods used in securing the documents and equipment used in the accounts department of Digicel. * Find out what documents and equipments are used in the accounting department.

Functions of the Accounts Office
The accounts office in Digicel has many functions. Some of these functions are: * To calculate the profit and loss of the business.
* Advise the manager on how to maximize profits and cut back on expenses.


1. Are there any Branches of this company around the country? If so how many? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. What type of leadership would you say is portrayed in the accounts office? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. What are some of the document used in the accounts office? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What are some of the equipment used in the...
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