Of Mice and Men: Who Was the Lonelies Character?

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Josie Lopez
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Of Mice and Men: Who Was the Loneliest?

While reading Of Mice and Men, there were some characters that stood out and some that were sad to read about. Thoughts would come about that certain character or characters. One character that stood out was the only female in the whole story, the only person that would be wondering out and about, and the only person that people would assume stuff about. That character was Curley’s wife and boy was she the loneliest in the story!

When Curley’s wife was first mentioned in the book it was hard to understand who she was or what was the reason in which she would always want to talk to the men. The men in the book would assume she was promiscuous and say she was a “tart.” Later when she mentioned that she didn’t have anybody to talk to, it was clear that she wasn’t anything the men would say about her. She wanted somebody to talk to, which lead to her always wondering around the bunk houses and asking where her husband was. Curley’s wife didn’t have anyone or anybody to whom she could talk to. She didn’t have Curley around nor did she even have family or children to whom she can care for or keep her company. She was that lonely and she wanted to talk to somebody, anybody.

The men in the story never wanted her around. They would kick her out of the bunk house or ignore the fact that she was there. She would get yelled at by Curley and be sent back to the house in where she lived in. This meant that she would be stuck in the house all day, until Curley would get back and who knows when he would return back to the house. Staying in the house all alone with not even a breath of fresh air or even simple things like listening to music (in the book she said that Curley got mad at her and broke her records) would defiantly lead to a feeling of loneliness and boredom, maybe a little bit more of both at times.

Curley’s wife was beautiful. She could have been more than just a house wife. She could have...
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