"Of Mice and Men" Vocabulary Words

Topics: Pejorative Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: May 13, 2013
“OMAM” Vocabulary Words:

Chapter 1:
1. Mottled (1) – To add diversity with spot or blotch of colors of different shades. 2. Recumbent (1) – Leaning, inactive, idle, lying down
3. Labored –to work hard, put forth efforts in completing 4. Stilted – Posts that support the structure of a building built above the surface of land or water; any of the black-and-white wading birds that has long, pink legs and a long, slender black bill. 5. Emerged – Arise to be in a view

6. Features - A noticeable, distinctive part of something; any part of a face 7. Defined – To set forth meaning to
8. Morosely – Expressing gloominess; tempered
9. Resignedly – Characterized by the act of drawing back 10. Pantomime – The art of conveying emotions mutely through gestures 11. Bindle - A bundle of possessions, carried by a migratory worker 12. Elaborate – Execute with minute details.

13. Bait – Food or other substances use to lure fish; an attraction 14. Glimmer – A fain source of light
15. Yammered – To whine or complain; talk persistently

Chapter 2:
1. Scourges (pg 20): anything that causes discomfort; pests, bugs… 2. Swamper (pg 20): a handyman; one who performs odd jobs often involving cleaning. 3. Liniment (pg 21): a medicated liquid rubbed on the skin to ease sore muscles 4. Buckers (pg 23): people who throw large bags of grain on a truck 5. Skinner (pg 22, 24): driver of a team of mules

6. Plaintively (pg 32): expressing sorrow
7. Mollified (pg 27): soothed, pacified
8. Pugnacious (pg 28): eager and ready to fight manner
9. Skeptically (pg 29): doubt or question something
10. Ominously (pg 30): in a threating way
11. Derogatory (pg 31): insulting
12. Tart (pg 31): a woman with loose morals; sexually unfaithful women 13. Contorted (pg 34): twisted out of shape
14. Bridled (pg 35): to pull one’s head back in anger or pride 15. Archly (pg 35): playfully
16. Profound...
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