Of Mice and Men the Death of Lennie

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Of Mice and Men
John Steinbeck
The Death of Lennie

The death of Lennie was quick and painless for Lennie, how quick and painless was it to the men or even George, his best friend? Should he have killed Lennie to keep him from going to jail or even worse which would have been dealt by Curley? This book was set in the time of the Great Depression. In the Great Depression people didn’t usually care about one another and this is a completely different story. We found out that George and Lennie are migrant workers. Working for their dream to own a ranch, everybody expected George to be mooching off of Lennie’s earnings. Although Slim understood the love they both had for each other. How much George cared about Lennie and wanted to keep him safe and out of trouble. Although due to Lennies condition it was difficult for them to stay out of trouble. Lennie enjoyed touching soft things which ended up getting him in trouble multiple times throughout this book.

Lennie was a hard worker, but he enjoyed touching soft things which he does in every chapter of the book. He touches rats, dogs, and hair. Lennie and George left their old town, Weed, because Lennie touched a woman’s soft skirt and she thought it was a sexual act. She got them kicked out and then on their way to a new ranch. In the book there was some foreshadowing such as George saying “if you ever get in trouble George told him were to meet.” In my opinion this told me that there was much more to come and most likely he was going to get introuble. George was brought the attention that Curley’s wife wanted some company. He told Lennie not to speak with her. Lennie was a good listener and chose to not listen to George and speak to her anyway. Lennie listened to her. Afterwards she told him you can touch her hair. This is right after he killed a dog, because he was petting it and he got frightened so he squeezed tightly another foreshadow of what’s going to happen later. He ended up killing...
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