Of Mice and Men Questions Answered

Topics: Of Mice and Men, Great Depression, John Steinbeck Pages: 4 (1661 words) Published: June 16, 2011
1. Loneliness is obviously a very obvious theme in the story Of Mice and Men. Most of the characters in the novella are lonely in some way, shape, or form. To start it off, Crooks is probably the loneliest figure we see in the story. He lives in a harness room by himself, all alone and away from the other guys, because he was a negro. He’s not accepted into the bunkhouse, therefore has to sleep and live in there. When Lennie comes looking for his puppy, Crooks seems like he doesn’t want Lennie to annoy him, but in reality, he wants Lennie to talk to him; because he has no one. As Crooks says, “they’re talkin, or they’re settin still not talkin. It doesn’t make no difference”. Crooks teaches the reader that a man will talk to anyone out of loneliness, whether understanding the other or not, so he could talk to someone, and have company, and not feel lonely. He is lonely simply because he is black, and not accepted with the other white men. Another lonely figure in the novella is Curley’s wife. All of the guy’s on the farm suspect she acts the way she does to flirt with the other men, and is just a load of trouble. When in reality, all she wants is attention and someone to talk to. Being Curley’s wife, she has virtually no identity, and is forced to listen to Curley’s orders, which would be not to make contact with the other men at the farm. However, this makes her feel lonely, and makes her set out to talk to people, no matter who they are. She even resorted to talking to Lennie, even though he really didn’t understand much of what she was saying. Everyone needs someone to talk to at times, and that is shown through both of these characters, in those instances. As a 3rd way this theme is expressed in the novella, you can see it through both George and Lennie together. They’re both lonely (especially George), but they were lonely together. Now George has no one after killing Lennie, because he has no one to have his back like before. The reason Slim took George...
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