Of Mice and Men Position Paper

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  • Published : September 6, 2010
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Of Mice and Men Position Paper
The capital punishment of being put to death requires a very serious crime to be brought into effect; one of these crimes would be murder. No matter what race, religion, or disability a victim might have, the murderer shall be sentenced to death in the United States of America. In 1937, George Milton cruelly and deliberately killed Lennie Smalls and because of this, he should never see the light of day again. He put a gun to the back of Lennie’s head and blatantly pulled the trigger. George Milton should be sentenced to death for killing Lennie Smalls because he continuously manipulated Lennie, he had the murder planned out from the start, and he had full intent to kill Lennie.

To begin, George manipulated Lennie Smalls during his life and this is a major reason he should be put to death. Throughout numerous job interviews, George refused to let Lennie even speak his own name. Even though Lennie was mentally ill, he had every right to talk to the boss. George was also just using Lennie to aquire money. He repeatedly told him about a so called, “Dream Farm” to keep him working. In reality, George tells him about this false hope for his benefit. Mr. Milton further proves that he does not care about this farm by taking the money and blowing it at a whore house the night he murdered Lennie. He even confessed to continually manipulating Lennie when he tells Slim, “Why he’d do any damn thing I tol’ him. If I tol’ him to walk over a cliff, over he’d go.”

Next, George had this planned out since the moment the two got off the bus. The first night they were in town, George tells Lennie to go to a certain spot if anything bad happens. George, knowing Lennie for all these years, knew that something would eventually go wrong, and when it did, this would be the spot that George Milton would kill Lennie Smalls. As soon as George begins to feel comfortable at the ranch, Lennie breaks down and kills Curley’s wife. George immediately...
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