“of Mice and Men” Literature Paper

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Personal life Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Dreams. All people have dreams, things they want, things they want to achieve in life. Eventually, everyone’s life will come to an end and we all know it. When we reach a certain point in our older lives, we will probably just want to be happy and enjoy our lives. In The book “Of Mice and Men,” candy is an old man who spent his life working on a farm. Candy loses his hand and when George and Lennie appear with their “dream” of owning land, Candy begs to join the “dream.” Candy lost everything including his beloved dog; he is desperate. This leads to my question, why did Steinbeck choose to make Candy join the dream over any other character? Steinbeck chose Candy to join the dream because he is the most desperate and Steinbeck wanted to show Candy’s vulnerability. Candy’s missing a hand; he’s old and about to be fired. His dreams can’t be fulfilled by himself. Steinbeck does this to show hoe even the worst of situations can be turned around. In order to show desperation and dreams in Candy’s life, I will be looking at the many hard times Candy has faced. Soon after Carlson killed Candy’s dog, George and Lennie start talking about their “dream.” George starts telling the story of their dream and then Candy asks a few questions about the land they were planning to buy. “They’ll can me purty soon….Jus’ as soon as I can’t swamp out no bunk houses….Maybe if I give you guys my money, you’ll let me hoe the garden even after I ain’t no good at it….You seen what they had done to my dog tonight?....When they can me here, I wisht somebody’d shoot me.” From what I understand, Candy knows that he is going to be fired, and he wants to live off the land with George and Lennie. Candy expresses that the he wants to grow old working, and when he is of no more use, he just wants to die. This quote shows Candy and how he views life. It seems as if Candy just wants to be happy, yet he has no one and nowhere to go after they fire him from his job. This tells me that...
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