Of Mice and Men Importance of Dreams

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Importance of Dreams in Of Mice and Men 

Many people have dreams in Of Mice and Men but I intend to discuss the dreams of Lennie, Candy and Curley's wife. 

Lennie's dream is of owning a farm of his own with George. In his dream he looks after the rabbits. He likes this idea because he likes to pet things and the small things he finds as he is travelling around, like mice, are too easily hurt or killed when he pets them heavily. Rabbits are big enough for him to look after without hurting them. He also remembers that he used to pet rabbits when he lived with his Aunt Clara. 

As George and Lennie travel around they tell each other their dream as a way of coping with the loneliness of being migrant workers in America in the 1930s. Unlike most men in their position, they have something to look forward to and something to share. At the beginning of the novel, it seems that George and Lennie's dream is just a fantasy that will never come true, but when they meet Candy things change. Candy has almost enough money to buy a small farm. If George and Lennie save their money and don't get 'canned' (fired from their jobs) it seems that the three of them would really be able to achieve their dream. Lennie's dream also affects Crooks, the stable buck. Lennie shares his dream with him and for a moment even Crooks has a vision of a better life. 


Candy doesn't have much hope at the start of the story, but when he meets Lennie and George and finds out what they are planning, he suddenly sees how his future could be different. Candy is most worried about being useless. He knows that he is employed on the ranch because he lost his hand there, but he is afraid that eventually he will be canned. If this happens, he will have nowhere to go and no one to care about him. When he hears George and Lennie's dream he sees a future in which he will own a farm and be forever safe from being canned. He is willing to put up his compensation money to achieve his dream and he has...
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