Of Mice and Men: George and Lennie's Relationship

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  • Published : December 7, 2010
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Discuss how Steinbeck establishes George and Lennie’s character through his use of description.

Of Mice and Men is a book set in Soledad, California following two migrant workers that roam around finding work where they can. In the opening there is a sense of peace, calm and nature. It was very unusual for migrant workers to go around together and Steinbeck makes the reader asks themselves questions about the unlikely partnership. George Milton was first described as thin, defined features, small, quick, dark of face and restless eyes. George gets very angry and annoyed at Lennie and is frustrated with his life. He gets very angry when Lennie keeps pestering him that he likes ketchup with his beans. George is described also a fatherly figure to Lennie as he ‘adopted’ Lennie from his Aunt Clara. He is very loyal and kind to Lennie as he could have just left him when Lennie got into trouble. George is very much protecting to Lennie and wants to keep him safe. He shows Lennie a place to go if he get himself into trouble and George will meet him there. George wants to make a better life for himself and Lennie and wants to try and raise a stake to buy a small ranch where Lennie could do what he wanted like tend the rabbits. He ignores danger signals in order to do this. George is very nervous when they get to the ranch as he senses that bad things are going to happen and that he and Lennie are in a dangerous situation just being there. Although it at first seems that Lennie solely relies George but George also relies on Lennie for companionship in the lonely environment of a migrant worker. Lennie Small (the irony in his name) was quite his opposite. He was huge, he walked heavily, and he had a shapeless body and head. Lennie has the mind of a child and is obsessed with soft things like soft fabrics, mice and rabbits and constantly wants to touch, feel and hold them. It gives him a sense of security, like a small child holding a soft toy...
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