Of Mice and Men Expository Essay

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Failure Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Sabrina Jandreau
English 111
Mr. Lachapelle
Of Mice and Men Expository Essay
Apparently, nice guys do finish last.
Lennie was a gentle man who only cared about tending the rabbits. He knew that his dream would come true if he worked hard and helped others. Some examples of this include Lennie working on the ranch and tending to the puppies. George only looked after him because he felt bad for him, which Lennie fails to see. He doesn't pick up on the fact his aunt never wanted him, but does see that george has always been there for him and truly does care about him. He tries to do his best work but creates jealousy between Curley and himself. His failure was not thinking before he acted, which ended up killing Curley's wife and the puppy that he tried to bounce off the ground, getting them and himself killed. Another failure that happened was Lennie constantly trying to feel the material of womens' dresses, after almost being caught by the police. Curley's wife was a very animated and nosy woman who believe that if she was the center of attention, she would have lots of friends and become famous. She did multiple things to try to make her dream reality, including eavesdropping on multiple conversations, always distracting others with her flashy outfits and being a nuisance. She also defied the wishes of Curley himself when he told her to stay away from Lennie. The only thing that she had to do was stay away from Lennie and do something productive, but instead she kept being around him and talked to him, causing anger from Curley. She strongly believes that she can be famous, but hasn't done anything besides spread rumors and stay on the ranch. The puppy that she got from Slim caused an argument between Curley and her. She was told to return the puppy and go back to the ranch. When she was killed by Lennie, she wasn't expecting it since she underestimated him. George Milton was a hard-working man who took Lennie in and helped him. He knows...
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