Of Mice and Men Essay

Topics: John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men, Great Depression Pages: 4 (1607 words) Published: February 18, 2011
All human beings, regardless of how they are viewed by society, have dreams that they aspire to achieve. In the book Of Mice and Men the main characters, George and Lennie, travel through the country during the depression constantly in search of jobs to pay for their basic necessities. They speak everyday of a certain dream that they have, and it helps them get through the harshness of the depression. Once George and Lennie get to a ranch for work they share their dream with a few other men on the ranch and it gives the other characters a type of fulfillment, as well as George and Lennie. In the end their dream fails, but it benefited all characters involved in it. Authors often this idea throughout their literary works. John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men conveys the theme that dreams motivate people and allow them to fight through constant struggle. Through the use of various characters, Steinbeck develops the motif of dreams. When people are going through a tough time in their lives, dreams are always key to helping them have a more enjoyable experience. The novel Of Mice and Men is the story of working men and the dreams that help them persevere through their every day lives. One of their everyday struggles they faced was not knowing if they would be able to pay for food, even if it was just half of can of beans. With Lennie constantly getting in trouble and messing things up, there was no telling if George and he would have a job the next day. All characters faced the struggle of the depression during the time, and many people were always on the edge of their seat not knowing what to expect next. Migrant workers during the depression overall just had an extremely difficult life. The only way that people were able to continue through their miserable life was by giving them a motivation, or drive. For a couple of the ranch workers, their motivation/drive was a certain dream. George created this dream that soon becomes a large part of a few...
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