Of Mice and Men, English Literature

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Of Mice and Men
Section 3
Relationship between George and Lennie

From reading Of Mice and Men sections one and two we know that George and Lennie’s relationship is a bit confusing as George mainly covers Lennie’s back. We also see that George can put Lennie down at times when George is annoyed at Lennie. Although from reading section three I can tell that their relationship is slowly becoming closer and a kinder one.

Firstly, George is starting to make Lennie seem a little happier and to show him that he is not all bad at things. We can see this on page 43, line 4, ‘he’s sure of a good worker. Strong as a bull.’ This shows that George is at least trying to make Lennie feel good about himself. Another example of this can be seen again on page 43, line 11,’ he can do anything you tell him, said George. He’s a good skinner.’ This quote could mean that George really does deep down love Lennie as a friend.

Secondly, the other hand George can be harsh to Lennie on the odd occasion where George is trying to be funny. A quote for this can be found on page 45, line 5,’ I wasn’t kicked in the head with no horse, was I, George? Be a darn good thing if you was, George said viciously. Save ever’ body or hell of a lot of trouble.’ We can tell from this that George tries to make himself laugh by saying bad things about Lennie.

Thirdly, Lennie seems that he does not really seem to make a matter of that he is being treated badly by George sometimes. We can see this on page 43, line 7, ‘George scowled at him, and Lennie dropped his head in shame.’ This shows that he is upset by how he drops his head but doesn’t say anything back to try and defend himself. Shows that he is getting bullied by George a bit.

Fourthly and finally another way their relationship builds up is how they always dream of the future and how they both want the best for each other also how they sort of know that it will be all good. I’m guessing that they will talk about the future a couple...
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