Of Mice and Men-Dreams

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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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Of Mice and Men Text Response Essay- Dreams

Steinbeck shows us the importance and fragility of Dreams in “Of Mice and Men.” Discuss with close reference to the text.

John Steinbeck portrays the importance and fragility of Dreams through certain characters in “Of Mice and Men.” The main characters, George and Lennie both share the typical American Dream of owning a piece of land and Lennie tending the rabbits, yet it slips through their fingers due to Lennie’s ignorance and strength. Curley’s wife desires a life of fame and fortune in Hollywood however her marriage to Curley leaves her aspiration out of reach. Crooks, the black stable buck, Dreams of equality but the racial attitude of others destroys his dream.

George and Lennie desire the unattainable Dream of owning their own piece of land. The novel is set during the period of the Great Depression, when it is(not was) hard to get employment and money. Many men have (not had) the ambition of owning their own land on a “couple of acres,” particularly George and Lennie. Being lowly ranch hands, they have vision of a better life, where they don't work for anyone but themselves. They together aspire to have “a little house” with “some cows and some pigs.” Besides having the Dream of owning land Lennie also focuses on his hope of “tending the rabbits.” George yet mostly Lennie, is filled with excitement every time they speak about these aspirations. However, George thinks more realistic as he knows that it is out of their reach to achieve such a Dream. Suddenly, Candy, the old “swamper” joins the Dream and it then becomes immensely close as they realise they only need to work “a month” before they could “do her,” meaning achieve the Dream. However, just as things start to get brighter, the fragility of their dream comes into play. Due to Lennie’s obliviousness to his environment and great fondness of “petting soft things,” he causes trouble by accidently killing Curley’s wife and sadly destroying their...
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