Of Mice and Men Compared to La Strada

Topics: Kill, John Steinbeck, Federico Fellini Pages: 4 (1381 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Of Mice And Men and La Strada Comparative Essay
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There are many books that share similar concepts, such as similar archetypal symbolism, journeys, or even the same types of characters. One great example of this is Steinbeck’s Of Mice And Men and Fellini’s La Strada. When compared they have seem to have a lot in common, from their similar character types to the over all journeys that take place in both of these great stories. In Fellini’s La Strada the main character, Gelsomina, is very innocent and child like. This is shown by often showing her by the playful sea as well as being followed by animals and children throughout the film. Then there is Zampano, a rather dull muscle man who doesn’t think much before he acts. Yet, Gelsomina follows him with unwavering commitment throughout the film. Only once does she appear to doubt her place with him and shortly after us seeing her doubt her place the Fool, an innocent playful man, puts her back in the mindset that that is her purpose. After all everything has a purpose, even a pebble. The Fool, or Il Mato, is always messing with Zampano and is constantly outsmarting him. Right from the first time we see these two characters it is clear that Zampano despises the fool and eventually chases after him with a knife. The knife represents Zampano’s physical approach to things and how he is viewed in terms of masculinity. The Fool continues messing with Zampano, until Zampano accidentally kills him. His immediate thought it that his career is over and this shows just how physical he is and how he sees everything as “what can it do for me?”. He bought Gelsomina from her family, certainly not for her benefit but for his own. This behavior also shows in the way he treats Rosa, he views women as things that are there to benefit him. He didn’t realize his own strength and later says in the movie “It was only two punches, two punches!”. Here he's clearly trying to justify the wrong he unknowingly committed. This...
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