Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, Peter Pan by Barrie, and Inception by Nolan

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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Defining what alienation really is requires experiencing the feeling of it firsthand. It is the fear of being completely alone, whether in life or in a situation that nobody else understands. It’s a feeling that is impossible to fake because it is basically born from fear. Looking at the texts Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, Peter Pan by J.M Barrie and Inception written and directed by Christopher Nolan, the aspects of alienation is shown through the isolation of going through different situations that no one else can truly understand. Of Mice and Men tells a tale of two men surviving in the Great Depression. Lennie Small’s slow intelligence and George Milton’s patient nature combine as these two friends travel through California to work on a ranch so that they could achieve their own goal of one day setting up their own land to live on freely. Looking at how the other workers deal with their own personal suffering and working through less than welcome encounters with Curley and his wife, the two endure the repetitive work during the day and the drama that follows after a long day at work. The dream of one day owning their own land to run for themselves has put George and Lennie in higher hopes of ever making it out of the owned and the then crashing world. George patiently deals with protecting the mentally deficient Lennie as well as trying to gain his own liberation away from him in fear that he would have never had the chance to have a normal experience as an independent man. His caring attitude towards Lennie conveys that he cares for him like a brother would and would not let him go if even to be a man of the free world. Even his last act of mercy towards Lennie at the end of the story expresses his concern of watching Lennie struggle on his own against in a world that is out to attack him. Lennie Small is the mentally stunted companion of George. He experiences alienation through George’s outbursts of displeasure at the acts of which...
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