Of Mice and Men Book/ Movie Review

Topics: Great Depression, Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck Pages: 3 (1275 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Of Mice and Men Book/ Movie review

Of Mice and Men, a dramatic story of friendship, dreams that are never to come true and tough men, who seek love and attention in their miserable lives. In his novel, John Steinback throws the ugly truth straight at us. Life wasn’t easy in the 1930, there is no way to push this out of the way. It wasn’t easy for the rich, wasn’t easy for the poor. But hope dies last, and George Milton, together with Lennie Small are a great example of this. The story takes place during the great depression, a time when everyone wanted to live the American Dream, but nobody got to. There are many important themes and ideas portrayed in the book, and generally, both the movie and the book follow the same plotline. However there are some notable differences in the dramatic scenes, characters and even themes.

The plot of the movie and the book is generally the same, however some significant scenes from the book are missing from the movie. An example of this could be the scene of Lennie and Candy getting to meet Crooks. He opens up in front of then, he tells then how mistreated and hurt he was all his life, and as he says that Curleys wife comes in. The men make it clear that she isn't wanted there, and in response she reminds Crooks that worthless and stupid is how people see him in this country. She tells him how easily she could get him hung with just a couple of lies. This scene supports one of the main themes of the story, which is racism and the American Dream, that could never be reached in such a society. The whole event helps us portray Curley's wife better as well, because since the beginning of the book she seems so sweet, and here we get to see what's hidden deep underneath her 'poor little me' mask. The beginning of the movie has a couple minor mistakes, but overall it's alright. It is different in the book, but it is very affective and lets us know what the movie is about. The biggest flaw of the movie was probably the ending,...
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