Of Mice and Men and Soft Things

Topics: Of Mice and Men, Novella, Ted Neeley Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: May 17, 2013
In the book Of Mice and Men there are two events that foreshadowed the end of the novel. They also relate to how these events foreshadow the future events.
Lennie had an attention span of a five year old. He wasn’t very bright like everyone else. He was like a little boy trapped in a mans body. He liked the feeling of soft things. So he tried to get ahold of everything that was soft. Well, he would find mice anywhere he could and keep them as pets. But when he would pet the mice, he pets them to hard and it would kill them. He did not do it on purpose. He just loved the feeling of soft things. This all relates to how Curley’s wife died. Well, one day Lennie was with Curley’s wife and she was talking about how soft her hair was. Lennie asked her if he could touch her hair but when he when to touch her hair, he did just like with the mice, he played with her hair to hard and did not let go of it. Curley’s wife tried to get Lennie to let go but he forced her to stay and put he put his hands over her mouth while she was trying to scream for help. And because he did not let go, he broke Curley’s wife’s neck and it killed her. These events foreshadow future events but realizing that just because someone wants to touch something does not mean he or she has to be so rough with it.
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