Of Mice And Men

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  • Published: August 13, 2001
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Of Mice and Men "Of Mice and Men" is a book from John Steinbeck about two migrant workers from America. The workers, named George jdvbh and Lennie Small, travel from ranch to ranch across America getting work to fund their dream.

Their dream is to buy their own ranch with " multi-coloured rabbits".

The character which I felt most sympathy for was Lennie. Lennie was a very child-like person in behaviour but a very strong, bulky man in appearance. I guess you could call him a Gentle Giant.

From chapter 1 Steinbeck makes you feel sympathy for Lennie.

Steinbeck does this by contrasting Lennie's physical description with his personality. An example of this is the way he imitates George. " He pulled his hat down a little more over his eyes, the way George's was." Another example is the fact Lennie is very forgetful and has to be told things, by George, over and over again which really annoys George. This makes George shout at Lennie making you feel sorry for Lennnie. The way Lennie speaks is quite childish which keeps the contrast going. " Aw, leave me have it, George." The pair of George and Lennie seem quite humorous in chapter one because Lennie is the complete opposite of George, in both physical description and in behaviour. Lennie is a big, strong, child-like person whereas George is a small, intelligent man. George and Lennie are friends because after Lennie's Aunt Clara died George looked after him.

Steinbeck held my interest in Lennie by telling me of the trouble Lennie has already been in. For example, in chapter one it hints that the last place they were at they got into trouble, but you have to read on until chapter three when it tells you that Lennie frightened a little girl and they got chased off the land. Another way that Steinbeck held my interest was the constant hints that Lennie was going to get into more trouble.

As the book goes on Lennie, as hinted at by Steinbeck, gets into more and more trouble. The first time Lennie gets into...
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