Of Mice and Men

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  • Published : April 1, 2011
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In the book “of mice and men” the author john Steinbeck uses direct and indirect characterization to explore the complex relationship between George and Lennie in many ways. In the first paragraph I will explain the challenges both Lennie and George face and how they keep them together. In the second paragraph I will explain how Steinbeck brings out the differences between Lennie and George. In the third paragraph I will explain how Lennie and George are different from the others on the farm.

1st, one of the challenges Lennie and George face is that they need money. They need money to buy the farm/ranch they want. They get their money by working one someone else farm with other people. When they get their money George hold what they get. George holds all of the money because Lennie in incompatible with keeping track of stuff. “George …I aint got mine. I must lose it.” “You never had one you crazy bastard. I got both em here. Think I’d let you hold your own work card (Steinbeck p.5)”.so George holds both their stuff. One other challenge they face is their American Dream. Their American Dream is to own a farm/ranch. This is a challenge to them because they need money but I explained this already. They want this ranch because they want to be able to do what they want. By this I meant they want to be able to do what they want, live free, and to have their own farm animals and other stuff.

2nd, Steinbeck brings out many differences between lennie and George. George is ““small (kinda shot). He walks fast. He has a dark face. His eyes are restless (looks Chinese). He looks strong”. Lennie is “his exact opposite. He’s big (tall and wide). He has a shapeless face. Long pale eyes. Wide sloping shoulders (like a football player). And walks like a bear (drags his feet)(Steinbeck p.2)”.

3rd, (I found all of this by gathering information and guessing).lennie and George are different from the others on the ranch in many different ways.
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