Of Mice and Men

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Marriage Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: October 29, 2010
Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
Q- “I never seen no piece of jail bait worse than her” what is the reader supposed to think about Curley’s wife? * How is she described by the other characters?

* How the author describes her

* How she speaks/behaves

* Her dreams

* Is she the cause of all the trouble

Written By Ruqayyah Draey

Curley’s wife is not well described and respected by the other characters. She is often looked down upon and discriminated against; partly due to her being a woman but also due to her behaviour towards the other men. “I think Curley’s married... a tart, I seen her give Slim the eye”. From what Candy describes, Curley’s wife as, I can sense he isn’t too fond of her and has observed she’s a bit of flirt with Slim. Candy is old and is probably a bit traditional; I don’t think he’s used to seeing married women act in this way. He might be quick in judging her. Candy’s not the only character that judges Curley’s wife, George also disapproves of her. “Jesus what a tramp... so that’s what Curley picks for a wife”. George has only just arrived to the ranch and has already sussed Curley’s wife out, calling her a ‘tramp’. I think this may be harsh, as he’s only just met her but I guess with men, first impressions are everything. George probably thinks this, due to her flirtatious body language she sends off. He’s used to being around men and in the novel has confessed to not having a girlfriend. Therefore, he doesn’t have an understanding of women; this may be why he dislikes her. Curley’s wife on two occasions is described as being a ‘bitch’ by the other characters. “That bitch didn’t ought to of said that to you... Don’t even look at that bitch”. I can understand that the men on the ranch disliked her but I do not agree with the type of language they used in which to describe her. This is an indication of how men lacked education in those days. The author describes Curley’s wife as having “full...
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