Of Mice and Men

Topics: Profanity, Question, Damnation Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: April 28, 2013
1. Candy feels insecure and suppressed and also nervous-Carl’s right, Candy…if I got old an’ a cripple’ ‘Candy looked helplessly… were law’ p72 * ‘Helplessly’ tells me that there was no hope, no one helps him. He’s not respected. * Steinbeck writes this to show us how status was important and if you were no use you would die. * “I gotta gut ache” p70 He anticipates that a bad things going to occur shows nervousness. * Steinbeck writes this to give us the interpretation that something was going to happen. 2. Candy is shown to feel ashamed- ‘Awright take ‘im… down at the dog’ p74 * ‘Awright’ failure, doesn’t look at the dog shows shame. 3. Similarly Curley’s wife and crooks are shown to be neglected and lonely-‘think I don’t like to talk…alla time?’p110 doesn’t allow candy to speak wanted them to listen. * ‘Any you boys seen candy’ p109 attention seeking only slim and the boss been in crooks’ room. * ‘Think I don’t…they all went?’ p110.

* ‘Cause I’m black…you all of you stink to Me.’P100 leads to insulting lennie due to aggression. 4. Curley’s wife and crooks also feel superior-‘ ”I said s’pose…no more.” Crooks pressed... victory’ P103 ‘pressed forward’ eager to torment, knew what he was doing. Descriptive language. * ‘Crooks’ face lighted with pleasure in his torture’ crooks wanted somebody to look down to, to have a higher status. P103(bottom) * ‘Any you boys seen candy?’ said with no politeness also said with authority. * ‘you bindle buns think you’re all so damn good’ ‘a nigger…lousy ol’ sheep’ p111 -revenge to how men treated her- Steinbeck writes this to link to loneliness and isolation and this was the cause. 5. Carlson shows aggressive and frustrated emotion-‘ “God awmighty, that dog stinks get him outta here candy!... you gotta get him out’ p70. * Repetition of words “stink” ‘get him out’ ‘!’ shows aggression. * ‘”he don’t give nobody a chance to win-“’ failure p70. * ‘“Jesus ...pitch shoes”’...
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