Of Mice and Men

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Of Mice and Men
Reading Packet
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Name Block

For each reading selection, complete the pre-reading activity prior to reading the selection, take notes during your reading and follow the “flagging” directions, and answer the post-reading questions after reading the selection.

This packet will be collected for points (50 total) when we have finished reading and discussing the book as a whole. If you lose this packet, it is your responsibility to get the questions and respond to them on separate paper to turn in. This packet can also be found on the class website.

DateIn-Class Reading/ActivityHomework Due
Mon.Oct. 8Of Mice and Men, Compare/Contrast peer reviewOf Mice & Men p. 1-16 & notes

Wed.Oct. 10Of Mice and MenOf Mice & Men p. 17-37 & notes

Fri.Oct. 12 Of Mice and MenOf Mice & Men p. 38-65 & notes

Tues.Oct 16Of Mice and MenOf Mice & Men p. 66-83 & notes,

Compare/Contrast Essay 2nd Draft

Thurs.Oct. 18Of Mice and Men, Socratic SeminarOf Mice & Men p. 84-107 & notes

Mon. Oct. 22 Of Mice and Men writing
Reading packet due

Burke, Jim. What’s the Big Idea? Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2010.

Of Mice and Men: Chapter 1 (p. 1-16)

Pre-reading: What do you know about the Great Depression in the United States? | | | | | |

During Reading:
Using your post-it flags, mark places in your book that describe Lennie and George. Keep in mind that we can find out about characters through their names, physical description, actions/reactions, thoughts, and dialogue. We can find things out directly (Steinbeck tells us) or indirectly (we must infer).

Jot down five words that describe Lennie and five words that describe George.

|Lennie |George | |1. |1. | |2. |2. | |3. |3. | |4. |4. | |5. |5. |

Which of the words above best describes Lennie? Why?
| | | |

Which of the words above best describes George? Why?
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