Of Mice and Men

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Text Response Essay – Of Mice and Men
Topic: Of Mice and Men is a depressing story. Do you agree?
John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men focuses on the hardships of life in America during the Great Depression in 1930. In many ways, this novella conveys a negative message. Ordinary people are vulnerable, and their dreams always fail. The ranch workers feel lonely without a family or friend. However, on the other hand, the story is not completely hopeless as long as people have a goal that they are working for, they do maintain their hope. Although the two main protagonists feel isolated, they still have each other. Therefore, while this story is despairing, there is still hope. In many ways, Steinbeck portrays the life of ordinary people as gloomy. The ranch workers live in misery as they are desperate for money, especially when the world is suffering from the Great Depression, and also while in living fear of being canned. Our two main protagonist, George Milton and Lennie Small, conveys the fact that poor and vulnerable people’s dreams never success. The two men have been travelling for years, working very hard for the sake of owning a small piece of land and to live casually. However, it never happened and eventually, their fragile hope is crushed as simple-minded Lennie caused another incident. In appearance, the ranch seems typical, but in reality, it is hell for the workers as they must bear with aggressive Curley, the boss’s son and Curley’s flirtatious wife. As Lennie cries, “I don’t like this place, George. This ain’t no good place. I wanna get outta here”. Therefore, this novella shows that life for ordinary ranch workers during the Great Depression is extremely hard. Furthermore, the text is depressing because of the loneliness the men suffer on the ranch. As George implies, “Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don’t belong no place. They come to a ranch an’ work up a stake and then they go inta...
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