Of Mice and Men

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Cowboy Pages: 4 (1471 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Consider the theme of Loneliness in the novel
`Of Mice and Men`
The novel `Of Mice and Men` by John Steinback is set against the background of the American Great Depression in the 1930`s. In it, we meet the characters of George and Lennie who are migrant workers who find work in various ranches. George and Lennie are different to the rest as they have each other to look out for, were as the rest of the characters are all, in some way, lonely. Crooks is discriminated and is alone because of his colour and Curleys wife feels separate to everyone else as she is the only woman and seeks out other men’s attention. The main characters of the novel were George and Lennie and they are migrant workers who travel together as a pair. George is a normal looking, mid-height man, were as Lennie is a tall, muscular man with hands likes paws. He is a “huge man, shapeless of face.” Lennie always has this look in his eyes, the look of sadness and loneliness. He has a simple mind and finds it hard to relate to simple things, as a result of this, he copies George so that he is kept in the right. On the other hand, George is the smart and cunning one of the pair; he has a lot to put up with because of having to look after Lennie and keeping him out of trouble. It’s like he can’t leave Lennie alone for one minute without something bad happening. Because Lennie has a simple mind, it means he is child-like in most ways, he has an obsession with furry animals and soft feeling things, were as George likes to play solitaire, a one man game. By playing this game, we understand that he likes to have some alone time, without Lennie by his side all the time. The relationship between the two ranch workers is a strong bond and unbreakable, but in the end it’s the opposite. Lennie can’t do anything without George being there and keeping him right; for instance, George doesn’t think very highly of Lennie but he knows that he can’t help it and that Lennie thinks the world of George, and that he...
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