Of Mice and Men

Topics: Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck, Robert Burns Pages: 3 (1094 words) Published: November 25, 2012
1. Before she appears, Curley’s wife has been a topic of discussion among the men in the bunkhouse. What do the ranch hands think of her? Are they accurate? Discuss whether she is a sympathetic, or an unsympathetic character, explaining why it is that you see her as you do. A. The ranch hands look at curley’s wife and think she is lonely, they perceive her as ‘floosy’ and a ‘tart’. When they discuss Curley’s wife over a game of cards they all agree that she will make trouble for someone; as George says, “She’s a jailbait all set on the trigger.” They are accurate because when she shows up all she does is flirt with the other men. She is longing for attention. All she wants is someone to talk to, to converse with but in her mind the only way she can do this is by flaunting herself to the men just to get noticed. I see Curley’s wife as a unsympathetic character. She will do exactly what she can to do to get her wants and needs met. Whether it be loneliness, someone to talk to or just flat out attention from the men. I think she attempts to find some kind of sympathy with lowly regarded people such as Crooks or Lenny, even though she knows she should stay away from them. When she was trying to get the attention from lenny at the end and couldn’t she pushed for more making lenny stroke her hair. Lenny accidently stroked to hard and snapped her neck. Concluding what George said back in the beginning about her being jailbait.

2. Cite instances from throughout the novella where Steinbeck associates Lenny with small furry animals. Discuss what this association shows us. A. Lenny likes to pet mice for comfort. He seeks companionship in small furry animals. George is constantly taking the dead mice away from lenny, but lenny tries to keep it in his pocket. I think this is Steinbeck’s way of letting us know that lenny does not care about death and is more concerned with comfort. I think Mice represent the false hope of a safe space for Lenny. Like Lenny, mice...
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