Of Mice and Men

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  • Published : October 30, 2012
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Of Mice and Men
There were three different characters that had physical and mental impairments. Lennie, Candy and Crooks all had these problems which caused them several problems on the farm. If they wouldn’t have these impairments then they would live an easier life on the farm, but they have to do a lot of work with the problems they have. They just had to learn how to deal with them and work through them so that they can make their money. Well Candy and Crooks are the ones who have the impairments that gave them problems when they were working on the farm. Lennie mostly had mental impairments that cause him to lose his memory. In, Of Mice and Men Lennie, Candy, and Crooks are discriminated because of their physical and mental Impairments: Crooks’ skin color and crooked back, Candy’s hand and age, and Lennie’s mental handicap.

Lennie was a very unique character in this story. Lennie had a problem with remembering things. He would always like to pet things but when he did this he would always kill it. He didn’t mean to but he didn’t know how strong he actually was. Lennie’s mental handicap gave him problems with his jobs this is because he just loved to touch things. He didn’t mean to do any harm to any of the people, it’s just when he sees something he wants to pet he will go for it and pet it. He got accused for rape because he wanted to pet this girls dress and when he grabbed ahold we wouldn’t let go. When he get the advantage to feel something he isn’t going to stop because he just loves the way he feels. That’s what got him in the whole situation with Curly’s Wife. Lennie was just a sweet innocent guy but no one understood that. He never intentionally meant to hurt anyone.

Candy was an old man who had been working on the farm for a long time. He has only one hand which makes it hard to do a lot of the work on the farm. He is sort of useless because he can’t do as much as everyone else that is on the farm. Candy is actually a good worker and he makes...
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