Of Mice and Man

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After reading the book of mice and man and watch the movie I preferred reading the book than watching the movie. In the movie it didn’t explain and describe ever seen that happen in the book.Watching the movie it doesn't really show the audience what the author meant to show to his readers. Even thought the movie was good it didn't show exact description of the character and the had a different setting. There are major different between the book and movie like, characters are portrayed, scenes and Lennie’s state of mind. One major difference between the book and the movie are the scenes. One example is the scene in the barn when George took the mule in there to fix its hoof. This scene doesn’t happen in the book because the author spent a lot more time describing Curly’s wife’s personality, so it was easier to visualize. I think this scene is necessary for the movie because it helps you better understand Curly’s wife. Another scene is when the book describes George sharing his beans with Lennie, and also pulls out two spoons one for himself and one for Lennie, which shows that George cares about him and is planning to have a future together. This scene was not included in the movie and I think that was not a good idea. This scene would have perfectly fit into the storyline and showed George’s feelings toward Lennie. Another difference in the scenes is the one where Crooks, Candy, and Lennie are gathered in Crook’s room. Curly’s wife arrives and Crooks has the nerve to stand up to her and she gets mad at Crooks and threatens to have him hanged and no one would object. Crooks then shuts up and lets her do what she wants. This scene should have been in the movie, but was not. I think not including this scene was a bad idea because it does not show Curly’s wife’s true nature.             A second major difference between the book and the movie is how the characters are portrayed. In the book, Crooks is much more active, and example would be when Crooks stuck his...
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