Oedipus the King

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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Oedipus the King is a very complex character with a lot of layers that unfold throughout the play. He is seen in multiple ways but never the same. Once a reader can understand the play, they can understand Oedipus. Oedipus is confident, his morals are usually meant to be good, and has good and bad qualities.

First, Oedipus is a very confident man that has reasonable doubt to. At first he has reason to because he did defeat the Sphinx for the people. For example “I Oedipus whom all men call the Great.” (line 7). Oedipus has a great power to himself because of helping the people and being for the people. He wants to be a savior for his people. Second, his morals are usually meant to be good. Oedipus may not do all good for his people all the time but he always has good intentions. For example he says “…Indeed im willing to give all that you may need;” (line 10-11). In this statement he is saying that he will do everything he can to help the people with what they need. Another way he tries to find the killer even though it is him. He says in the play “..I shall try all means to take the murderer of Lauis the son of Labdacus the son of Polydorus and before him of Cadmus and before him of Agenor,”(285-288). Thirdly, He has good and bad qualities within him. Oedipus wants to be good but because of his fate he is not who he thinks he is. He would like to be the Great as everyone sees him to be but he does not know that he himself is a murderer. He tries to lay on the despair from the people on himself. For example “Speak it to all; the grief I bear, I bear it more for these than for my own heart” (lines 103-105) This is showing he wants to be a good hero and help all he can. He also has bad qualities that he did not even know. He himself is responsible for the death of his father and now is married to his mother.

In conclusion, Oedipus is a strong character that does not show himself right away to a reader. At first he may seem to be the hero...
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