Oedipus Scene Summary

Topics: Oedipus, English-language films, Tiresias Pages: 3 (1195 words) Published: February 24, 2013
In the Prologue of the play, outside his palace in Thebes, Oedipus finds a group of people gathered around with a priest from Zeus. He approaches them and introduces himself as the king and asks why they are there. The priest of Zeus tells Oedipus that the city of Thebes is dying, and there has been a Plague. The city of Thebes relies on King Oedipus and sees him as a savior because he came to Thebes and loosened the city from the cruel Sphinx's riddle which was a curse. They figured since King Oedipus saved Thebes once they were confident he could do it again. As a result he comes up with a cure so he sends his brother-in-law Kreon to the prophetic shrine of Apollo to find out what must be done to save his city. Kreon takes longer then King Oedipus expected however, when he comes back with great news Kreon asks to talk to Oedipus alone. Oedipus says he can speak in front of all the people, as a result Kreon tells Oedipus that the King Laios had been killed on his way to the city of Delphis Oracle. In scene one, the blind prophet Teiresias arrives to the city of Thebes as a command from Oedipus to find of cure to stop the plague. When Teiresias arrives, he says all but a cure for Thebes. He refuses to speak about the plague therefore; King Oedipus gets offended and questions as to what it is Teiresias is hiding. Oedipus accuses Teiresias of murdering King Laios and believes he is crazy because Teiresias being a blind man begins to tell Oedipus his prophecy. Oedipus does not believe him and begins to think that Kreon is out to be after him and he thinks the whole thing is a set-up by Kreon. He believes Kreon payed him to tell him his prophecy and that he is the murderer even after Teiresias said it was not him yet Oedipus will blame him in anger. In scene two, Kreon has been heavily accused by King Oedipus because Oedipus truly believes that Kreon seduced the old prophet into lying. He also believed that Kreon plotted to kill King Oedipus and plotted to steal his...
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