Oedipus Rex, What Aristotle Would Think of His Play

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  • Published : May 15, 2006
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Aristotle, the critic set criteria categorizing what a great tragedy play was. It must contain several aspects, some of these aspects include the creation of sorrow, including three unites, being cathartic and a good sense of character development. Aristotle would of agreed that he play Oedipus The King was a perfect play because it did include all aspects of the ideal perfect play.

The audience must feel for the character which is the creation of pathos. Upon reading this play, the audience may feel a variety of highs and lows for the main character Oedipus Rex. Events that would make the audience feel for Oedipus include when his biological parents sent him away as a baby to die on the top of a mountain and also when Oedipus realizes that the cause of all the problems in the city is him and he married his own mother and killed his real father. These events would make the reader feel sympathy for Oedipus.

This play also contains the three characteristics; time place and action. All of the action within this play occurs within one day and the entire revelation that Oedipus has occurs within one day. Also the entire play is set within their home. The last characteristic shown in the play is the actions of the character leads to his own downfall. This is expressed when the Oedipus's own flaws lead to his ultimate fate or becoming a blind beggar in the streets. Oedipus biggest flaws include the fact that he was extremely hotheaded and arrogant. Also the fact that Oedipus was so prideful led to him killing his own father and also solving the riddle that let him become king and marry his mother, it was this pride that helped lead to his downfall.

Aristotle would of admired how the author of this play developed his characters. One element of a good character development is the reversal of situation. This story begins with a very sad tone but as the play continues Oedipus grows older and begins to have a better outlook on life. He soon places himself...
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