Oedipus Rex Life and Justice

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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“Life Is a Search for Justice”
Everyone has a moment toward the end of their life where they can finally reflect back on their life as a whole, but that moment is not the most important. Throughout everyone’s life, we are all constantly searching for one common thing; Justice. In terms of justice, I’m referring to the search of finding out who you really are and what is your purpose. Oedipus Rex had a turn in his life which forced him to search for justice and find out who he really was. Oedipus Rex was a simple, yet noble man who had became a king. It wasn’t until years later that he would begin his search for justice that would ultimately change his life. Throughout the story, Oedipus searches for a murderer of a past king, but as the story unfolds, he starts to question himself. He begins to wonder who he really is due to lack of information about his very own life. Oedipus’s search for justice brings him an understanding of completeness and shame. Justice in Oedipus’s eyes means that he can understand where he came from and realize the truth. All of Oedipus’s life has been one big cover-up of his true identity. Oedipus’s life was cursed, starting out when he was just a little boy. As a man, Oedipus gains more knowledge and power and is able to uncover the deep and dark truth. In Oedipus’s search for justice, he learns who his true parents are, where he was born and what happened to him from being a boy to becoming a king. I could actually say that Oedipus’s search was successful, although it was horrific. During Oedipus’s life, he tried to live a life dedicated to his family and his people. He stood by his fellow Thebans and tried to always listen and do what’s in the best interest for them. However, living a life trying to do what’s right is never easy when you are destined to commit heinous crimes. Oedipus finds out during his search that he is the killer in which he is in search of. After learning of this news, Oedipus finally starts to see the big...
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