Oedipus Rex Analisys

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  • Published : February 24, 2008
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In "Oedipus Rex", Sophocles portraits one of the most intriguing and fascinating traits of the human nature: the search for truth regarding who we are and the realization of the paths reserved by our future fate.

The play starts with the presentation of the main character: Oedipus, the king of Thebes. Sophocles presents Oedipus to the reader as a majestic figure who addresses his attention to the people of Thebes from his palace. The city had been hit by a devastating plague due to Laïos (the previous Theban king) murder and Oedipus was believed to be able to help them overcome that hardship. As the play develops, the reader is provided with the fact that Laïos, Oedipus' biological father, and Iocastê, his biological mother, learned through an oracle that Oedipus was fated to kill his father. Laïos decided to kill his son and Iocastê ties their child's feet together. Oedipus was given to a shepherd to be sent to death, however, the shepherd, pitied the baby and changed his mind, handling the infant to a servant of Polybos, the King of Corinth. Oedipus was raised as Polybos son and never knew, despite his suspicions, that he, in fact, was not Polybos' biological child. During this sincere search for his true identity, he asked to the Delphi Oracle about his real parents. The Oracle did not provide him with the answer Oedipus was searching for, but told him he was doomed to kill his father and mate his own mother instead. Later, Oedipus met Laïos and, ignoring that he was his biological father, ended up killing him over an argument on the road to Thebes. Because he solved the Sphinx's riddle, Oedipus was rewarded with Thebes' kingship and the hand of the Theban queen, Iocastê, his biological mother. At this point, he demanded that the shepherd was brought to him and his search for the truth has ended: he found out he was Laïos' and Iocastê's son. When she figured out she was Oedipus' biological mother, Iocastê committed suicide and Oedipus struck his eyes with...