Oedipus Rex

Topics: Oedipus, Trait, Thebes, Greece Pages: 3 (970 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Oedipus: An Exceptional Man
In all the passages that have been written through history on how an excellent man should behave, one writing stands out from all of them. Aristotle’s, The High-Minded Man. This manuscript explains that for any play to be truly considered a tragedy, its hero must meet Aristotle’s standards for a high-minded man. In the tragedy of Oedipus Rex, by Sophacles, Oedipus clearly meets the requirements to be called a high-minded man. Oedipus is expressive about his thoughts, exceptionally important in society, and lastly an honorable man.

One of the characteristics of a high-minded man that Oedipus shows is in how one who is high-minded should always be expressive about the way he feels. “He must care for the truth more than for what men will think of him, and speak and act openly; he will not hesitate to say all that he thinks…” (Witt, 160). This passage explains that when one believes something, he must announce his thought without fearing in what way people may react to his remark. One passage in which Oedipus clearly shows this trait is when he speaks to his people about how he will punish the man who brought harsh times upon the land because of his wrong-doings. “As for the criminal… I pray that the man’s life be consumed in evil and wretchedness.” (Witt, 113). In this scene, Oedipus stands and announces what he believes is right to all the Thebans. He openly talks about how he will punish the man who’s brought misery upon Thebes. This clearly shows how Oedipus is not in any way frightened to declare what he understands to be right. Although this is a very important trait for a high-minded man to have, it is not the only one that Oedipus exhibits throughout the play.

Another way in which Oedipus fits the description of a high-minded man is in his position within the people. Aristotle claims that for one to be a high-minded man he, “…then, in respect of the greatness of his deserts occupies an extreme position, but in that he...
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