Topics: Sophocles, Oedipus the King, Oedipus Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 22, 2012
A man is the architecture of his own fate. This can be seen in Sophocles play “Oedipus rex” where the protagonist Oedipus chooses to be blind to the truth , and choose to make impulsive decisions, which leads to his tragic fate . thus oedpipus is the architechure of his own fate.

Oedipus blindness to the truth is a factor that affects his fate. This can be seen when odp tells Jocasta about the incident in python , “I went to python; but came back disappointed of the answer to the question I asked , having heared instead a tale of horror and misery ; how i must marry my mother…. – and kill my father.”( Sophocles pg 47) due to the horrific prophesy , oedp goes into shock , causing him to forget the question he initially, who are his biological parents . This shock is making oedp blind because he does not know whohis parents are meaning he does not how who he is going kill and marry. Thus this is showing his lack of focus on the question in hand . this is aspect of his blindness which leads to his tragic fate .

as oedp and jocasta conversation continues , jocasta is telling oedp of her first child , “as for the child , it was not yet 3 days old , when he cast it out (by other hands, not his) with rivetted ankles to perish on the empty mountain – side.” 45. oedp does not make the connection b/t what jocasta is saying and his own situation like the scars on his ankles , his name means “swollen foot” and being adopted by king Polybus .thus showing his ignorance of the truth which makes him blind , and this blindness is a factor to oedp tragic fate . oedp arrogance is one of the biggest factor to his blindness , which can be seen is oedp and Teiresias argument , oedp arrogantly says to Teir, “ It has – but not for you; no , not for you, shameless and brainless , sightless, senseless sot!” 36. oedp is mocking Trie b/c oedp does not want to accept Tries is telling him , and instead wrongly interprets Tries words as an attack on his ego and honour . showing how...
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