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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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“Please describe in not more than 300 words and approximately 200 characters ( in either Chinese or English ) an interest or experience that has been particularly meaningful to you, or has affected your personal growth and life goals.”

There were numerous activities that I have participated during the 6-year secondary school life. However, I found the experience of taking part in the 6th Cisco Hong Kong-Macau Networking Skills Competition the most remarkable.

It was held in July 2010. As I am a student taking Information and Communication Technology ( ICT ) as an elective, my subject teacher asked me if I would like to join this competition.

One of my classmates and I formed a group to join the competition. As we both studied ICT, we have the basic knowledge of networking. However, there was something that we did not understand such as how to make a twisted-pair cable. Therefore, we searched the internet and asked help from our teacher. Eventually we succeeded in making a twisted-pair cable.

During the competition, though we have already practiced many times before, we failed to construct a cable initially. Nonetheless, with our determination and perseverance, we used the remaining material to quickly make another one and we did it! In the theoretical session of the competition, we tried our best. Lucky enough we were one of the groups which could win a gold award and we were proud of ourselves.

After this competition, I learned that determination and perseverance are the keys to success. Without them, I do not think I could overcome the difficulties. Additionally, mutual trust between teammates is of equal importance. We should never blame our teammates when there are problems or otherwise the situation would be even worse. I also found my passion in ICT aspect since technology is changing rapidly and there are lots of things for us to discover. I am sure all the skills and knowledge learned in ICT will be useful in my future career!

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