Oe's Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids: Fall of Innocence and a Change in Identity

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Fall Of Innocence and A Change In Identity
Environment and surroundings can change a lot in people. Like Lord Of The Flies by William Golding, a few boys were stranded and alienated from the rest of the world and had a change in personality from their surroundings. The historical novel, Nip The Buds, Shoot The Kids by Kenzaburo Oe, contains a theme that is very similar to Lord Of The Flies in terms of losing innocence. Fifteen reformatory teenage boys were sent to a village to be evacuated out because of the war occurring at that time. When they arrive to the village, they get assigned a job to bury deceased animal carcasses, and as they do so, they find out that a deadly plague has broken out in that village. As soon as the other villagers hear about the plague, they all flee away from the area without any notice, leaving the boys alienated and they all begin to panic. This is when most of them start to lose their innocence, and start panicking wildly, unsure of what to do. The boys encounter a downfall of innocence and a change in personality through their environment, relationship, and from realizing their new tasks to survive.

People throughout history have adapted their personality to their surroundings. Whether it is from other people or the environment around them, a part of anybody’s personality comes from their surroundings. For example, when the plague has been discovered and many people start to die, they all start to lose control as the narrator describes, “Suddenly a couple of us started shouting, clinging to the wooden door that led to the outside. That infected us all and set off a general panic. We yelled and banged on the door, pressing our bodies against it as if we wanted to be as far as possible from the corpse” (Oe 63). The narrator itself discusses how the boys were already beginning to panic, from viewing one death, and being quarantined. It is like a chain reaction of the boys: when one does something, the others do likewise. After the...
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