Odyssey: Who's to Blame?

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Tyler D’Agostino Mr. Martino English 10 Section 6 2 November 2012 Who’s To Blame?

In Homer’s Epic, The Odyssey Odysseus the leader of Ithaca goes through very long troublesome and painful journey after fighting in the Trojan War. Throughout the whole epic, learning and experiencing his long expedition, the reader can decide who is to blame. Many Greek people would believe that Gods are almost always the source of human misfortune, however the distress maybe caused by their selves rather than the all-powerful gods. Odysseus has been away from his kingdom a total of twenty years, consisting of ten years fighting in Troy and ten years on his journey home, even though his passage to Ithaca shouldn’t be anywhere that long. Surely certain circumstances keep Odysseus from his family and kingdom due to the engagements of some characters, but who is to Blame. Those characters that are responsible for Odysseus’ misfortune are the nymphs that Odysseus encounters, the crew of Odysseus, and the great Odysseus himself.

The Nymphs Circe and Calypso play a big role in Odysseus’ troublesome journey being some of the easily identifiable characters that cause him trouble. A Nymph is a beautiful young woman that acts as temptation and is seen as wicked. In relation to Odysseus, they are anything but helpful to his voyage home, with the exception of a sea nymph he meets briefly. The first bewitching nymph is Circe; a nymph that trying to turn Odysseus and his crew into swine, which Odysseus ultimately foils and eventually has relations with for a year. The second Nymph being Calypso, a nymph that kept Odysseus...
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