Odyssey Review

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  • Published : January 5, 2011
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The Odyssey
Book 2
- Penelope tells the suitors that when she finished weaving she would choose one of them but every night she un-weaved her work. - Athena helps Telemachus get his crew and ship ready for his journey.

Book 3
- Nestor has a very high regard for Odysseus.
- Nestor was amazed. He took Telemachus by the hand and told him that he’ll be a hero some day, then Nestor prayed.

Book 4
- Telemachus introduces himself as himself and Meleanues knows him because Meleanues was there when Telemachus was born. - Menelaus says Odysseus was a close friend of his and he desperately wants to see him again. - Antinous plotted to ambush Telemachus at sea upon his return.

Book 5
- Hermes is the messenger of Zeus. He sent Calypso to tell her to release Odysseus. - With his wand Hermes can put the waking to sleep or awaken the sleeping. - Calypso is holding Odysseus captive.

- Calypso is mad that she has to let Odysseus go but she obeys Zeus. - The main problem Odysseus faces while traveling at sea is the wrath of Poseidon. - At the end of book 5 Odysseus is stranded on an island.

Book 6
-Athena comes to Nausicaa while she is sleeping and tells her to start to look for a husband. - Nausicaa is the only one who doesn’t run away from Odysseus because she is looking for a husband and thinks Odysseus is attractive. - It is not pure luck that Nausicaa helps Odysseus. It is mostly the work of Athena combined with Nausicaa’s own character and Odysseus’ wisdom. - The fact that Odysseus won’t bathe in front of the girls tells us that he is always a gentleman and he doesn’t want to offend the young girls by letting them see him naked. - Yes, Nausicaa believes her parents will help Odysseus

- Nausicca won’t let Odysseus ride in her cart because she doesn’t want rumors to be started. - The instructions that Nausicaa gives Odysseus are: "But just before town is a roadside grove, sacred to Athena. Wait there until you're sure I'm gone, then enter the city gate. Ask...
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