Odyssey Essay; Hospitality

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Odyssey Essay
            The greeks put a large emphasis on the importance of traditions. One important example of a tradition is to show hospitality and respect strangers as well as to hosts. If this tradition was broken, punishments were to be dealt out. Usually, the punishments were not specific. What happened after the God’s traditions were disobeyed, a series of bad events usually occurred. After the God’s traditions were followed, a series of positive events usually occurred. There were multiple examples of this in the epic poem The Odyssey. The suitors and Polyphemus have extremely bad luck after dishonoring the God’s traditions, whereas Penelope honors the God’s and demonstrates how good hospitality is rewarded.             To begin, at the start of the epic poem, the suitors respond greatly to the hospitality given to them by Penelope. The suitors continue to be treated kindly throughout Odysseus' many years away from home, but towards the end of their stay in Odysseus' home, they begin to become disrespectful. They refuse to leave when asked upon, they plot to kill Telemachus in order to rid of the only man left in the house, they disrespect Penelope, Telemachus, and there home, etc."Then the haughty suitors came in, and all of them straightway took their places in order on chairs and along the benches, and their heralds poured water over their hands for them to wash with, and the serving maids brought them bread heaped up in the baskets, and the young men filled the mixing bowls with wine for their drinking. They put their hands to the good things that lay ready before them. But when they had put away their desire for eating and drinking, the suitors found their attention turned to other matters, the song and the dance; for these things come at the end of the feasting." Telemachus shows the proper way to act, the suitors show just the opposite.The suitors' actions are not acceptable, and it is practically destined for them to suffer the...
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