Odyssey Essay

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Concealed Within The Odyssey

Plenty of things in the world are tangible. It’s the things we can’t touch like love, loyalty, freedom, friendship, and imagination that are concealed within everyone’s lives. These universal ideas can also be motifs; a motif is a dominant idea or distinctive feature in an artistic or literary composition. Motifs are used to teach a lesson to others throughout out dance, art, or literature. Motifs have been around and hidden in literature for a very long time. Almost 3,000 years ago there was a tale told by Homer, his story is now translated into an epic poem called The Odyssey. The story is based around king Odysseus and his 20 year voyage home from war. This Greek folklore conceals many motifs throughout the story such as revenge, temptations, and women whom possess power.

To begin, revenge has been inflicted throughout The Odyssey multiple times. An example of this is after Eurymachus bribed and pleaded for the suitors lives Odysseus replies with, “No, Eurymachus! Not if you paid me all your father’s wealth- / all you possess now … not even then would I stay my hands from slaughter / till all you suitors had paid for all your crimes!” (22. 65-68) .The suitors also treated their king horribly when he was disguised as a beggar, and they all were trying to seduce his wife. The suitors are finally realizing their dooms and understanding how important it is to stay loyal. No matter what they say they are seeing their deaths right before their eyes. This specific quote represents Odysseus showing no mercy towards any of the suitors after all they’ve done. This is important because revenge it is the climax of the story and the readers finally get some relief and hope that Odysseus will take his thrown back.

Furthermore, revenge also relates from the gods to humans in the epic poem. Poseidon seeks revenge involving Odysseus. In order to escape...
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