Odyssey Character Summary

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  • Published : August 7, 2012
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-Characters are based on “The Odyssey (1997)” movie.
Odysseus - Main character; The Odyssey = Odusseia in Greek; circa 800-600 BC. Penelope - Wife of Odysseus
Telemachus – son of Odysseus
Eumaeus – the loyal shepherd
Anticleia – is the mother of Odysseus who killed herself due to grief. Eurycleia – is the Loyal servant who nursed Odysseus and Telemachus when they were babies.

Odysseus’ Men:
• Perimedes – warrior who challenged and got eaten by Scylla. • Eurybates – loyal servant of Odysseus who followed him anywhere. • Polites – fat and greedy warrior who got turned into a swine. • Anticlus – curious warrior who opened the bag of winds. • Antiphus – Piper who was eaten by Polyphemus.

• Eurylochus – best blacksmith and liar of Odysseus’ men.

Eurymachus – “head/lead” suitor, who had an affair w/ Melanthe. Melanthe – sister of Melanthius, had an affair with Eurymachus. Elatus – fat suitor of Penelope.
Antinous – most hated suitor of Penelope.
Athena- protector of Odysseus.
Mentor – Athena in disguise to guide Telemachus.
Laocoon – Soothsayer who got eaten by poseidon’s Serpent. Circe - witch/sorceress who turned odysseus’ men into animals. Moly – Antidote to Circe’s spells/potions
Aeolus – God of the Winds who provided Odysseus w/ the bag of winds. Calypso – beautiful Nymph who falls inlove w/ Odysseus in her island of Ogygia. Tiresias – Blind prophet of the Underworld.
Nausicaa – princess of the Phaeacians, found odysseus in the shores of Scherie/Scheria. King Alcinous & Queen Arete of Phaeacians – parents of Nausicaa & offered odysseus hospitality. Polyphemus – Cyclops; 3rd child of Poseidon who ate Antiphus.

• Day of Telemachus’ birth same as day of departure. • 10 years @ war, 10 years voyage home.
• Photocopy: 7yrs on calypso’s island 1yr on circe’s o After Scylla and Charybdis, they landed on the island of Thrinacia where they hunted the cattle of Helios’ the sun god w/c resulted in a shipwreck...
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